The DIPSAR Library is fully air-conditioned and situated on the first floor of the front wing of the Institute. It covers a total area of 4400 sq.ft. with a reading area of 2000 sq. ft. and a stacking area of 2400 sq.ft. Library has been equipped with modern furniture, reprography facility and library software system. Established in 1979, the DIPSAR Library is vibrant, well organized information system which enables the user to find out the required information in minimum time. It has one of the richest Pharmacy Library collections in India with over 17,000 books covering all branches of Pharmaceutical Sciences like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Technology. It also has a good collection of books of basic sciences related to Pharmacy like Medicine, Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Library staff:


New books Display: new books purchased by the library are displayed and kept for consultation at the circulation counter
CD-ROM: Access to CD-ROMs which comes alongwith books/journals is available.

Newspaper clippings: Newspaper clippings on various pharmacy profession, education and basic disciplines are also available.
Xerox facility is available for faculty and staff.

The new software not only allows search of the entire collection sitting in front of the computer but is able to tell the pin point location of books and journals. The library is also using the bar coding technology for issue and return of library books.
This year we have added 362 books amounting Rs4.75 lakhs to the Library and the Library collection is nearly 17,000 books.
The Library timings have been extended till 8 pm and the Library now opens every Saturday for the benefit of students and faculty.

List of Journals in Dipsar Library
International Journals
  1. Chemistry and Industry
  2. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
  3. Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  4. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
  5. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  7. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture
  8. Planta Medica
  9. Pharmaceutical Research
  10. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences

Indian Journals

  1. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
  2. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  3. Indian Journal of Pharmacology
  4. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
  5. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. MIMS
  7. Medicinal and Aromatic plant abstract
  8. Pharma Times
  9. Chronicle Pharmabiz
  10. British Medical Journal (South Asia Edition)
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