Instrumentation Facilities

Department of Pharmaceutics
  1. Autoclave
  2. Beckman Coulter Counter
  3. Capsule Filling Machine
  4. CO2 Incubator
  5. Coating and Polishing Machine
  6. Cooling Centrifuge
  7. DLS
  8. Digital Balance
  9. Disintegration Apparatus
  10. Dissolution Apparatus
  11. Distillation Unit
  12. Fermentor
  13. Friability Test Apparatus
  14. Homogenizer
  15. Hot Air Oven
  16. Inverted Microscope
  17. Laboratory Centrifuge
  18. Laminar Flow Hood
  19. Magnetic Stirrer
  20. Mechanical Seiving Machine
  21. Millipore Vacuum Pump
  22. Rheometer
  23. Rotary Tablet Punching Machine
  24. Rota-evaporator
  25. Serological Water Bath
  26. Single punch tablet machine
  27. Tablet Disso Apparatus
  28. Ultrasonic Bath
  29. Ultrasonicator (Probe)
  30. UV Spectrophotometer
  31. Vacuum Filtration assembly
  32. Vaccum Oven
  33. Zetasizer
Department of Pharmacognosy
  1. Binocular Microscope
  2. Camera Lucida
  3. Column Chromatography
  4. Digital Balance
  5. Digital Melting Point Apparatus
  6. Flash Chromatography
  7. HPTLC
  8. Muffle Furnace
  9. PH Meter
  10. Rotavapor
  11. Soxhlet Apparatus
  12. Stage Microscope
  13. UV Detection Chamber
  14. Vacuum Filter
  15. Vacuum oven
Department of Pharmacology
  1. Actophotometer
  2. Analgesiometer
  3. Condon’s Rat Manometer
  4. Continuous Avoidance Response Apparatus
  5. Cook’s Pole Climbing Response Apparatus
  6. Deep Freezer
  7. Digital Balance
  8. Digital Plethysmometer
  9. Electrical Burr
  10. Electroconvulsiometer
  11. ELISA Reader
  12. Haag - Street Universal Slit Lamp
  13. Kymographs
  14. Lagendorff Assembly
  15. Organ Bath Assembly
  16. Pole Climbing Apparatus
  17. Rotarod Apparatus
  18. Semi-Autianalyzer
  19. UV Spectrophotometer
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  1. Air Condenser, Water Condenser
  2. Binocular Microscope
  3. Boiling Point Apparatus
  4. Calorimeter
  5. Centrifuge
  6. Column Chromatography
  7. Cork Borer
  8. Cyclo Mixer
  9. Glass Joint Assembly
  10. Digital Balance
  11. DSC
  12. Flame Photometer
  13. Fluorimeter
  14. FTIR
  15. GC
  16. Ground Glass Assembly
  17. Hot Air Oven
  18. HPLC
  19. HPTLC
  20. Karl Fischer Apparatus
  21. Laboratory Jack
  22. Mechanical Shaker
  23. Microburette
  24. Microwave Synthesizer
  25. Millipore water assembly
  26. PH Meter
  27. Refractometer
  28. Rotavapour
  29. Single Pan Balance
  30. Sodium Press
  31. Turbovap Concentrator
  32. UV Spectrophotometer
  33. Vacuum Distillation Assembly
  34. Vclife QSAR Software
  35. Visual Melting Point Range Apparatus

The Institute has active placement cell very well coordinated by the incharge Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Majumdar. We have been having closer to 100% placements in leading national and multinational pharmaceutical companies and academic Institutions of repute at all levels. i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate (all branches), Ph D and diploma level. All the Bachelors and Masters students are placed in different multinational and national pharmaceutical companies through campus interviews even before completion of their respective degree. This year campus interviews have been conducted in the college by reputed companies.

The college is experiencing a fast academic growth to the challenges of the 21 century. In the highly competitive environment, the college is capitalizing on its strengths in areas such as academic innovation, comprehensive training and flexible educational delivery systems. Widely acknowledged for its innovative and responsible role, for which it is entrusted, the "Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research" has produced top class Pharmaceutical Scientists for the technological up-gradation of the industry and for service to the community in all branches of pharmaceutical sciences. In keeping with the times, Institute is a conscientious steward, effectively utilizing human as well as financial resources.