Central Facilities


The central instrumentation laboratory constitutes the heart of the cooperative research activities at the institution. This facility houses many sophisticated specialized equipments for research work of students and researchers.


The institute has a 1000 sq.ft. air conditioned Animal House, along with a rabbit run made by utilizing Canadian know how, it is first of its kind in India meeting the requirement of all the research activities and CPCSEA protocol. It also has the service areas like records office, washing and autoclaving area, raw material room for animal feed, feed preparation room, a biochemistry laboratory for studying biochemical markers to check the purity of the animal strains, a routine microbiology laboratory, and a histology facility. The experimental modules have been placed at the proximal end of the animal area while the supply and breeding modules are placed at the far end. In order to facilitate unidirectional movement of clean and dirty material, the animal area comprises of a central clean corridor with the dirty corridor located on either side of the rooms at first floor and on ground floor “clean & dirty” corridor concept has been implemented. The veterinarian staff has been taken on contract basis. One PhD scholar from veterinary background is maintaining animal house with the assistance of pharmacologist from AIIMS. Our animal house supplies rats/mice/rabbits to other colleges/research Institutes approved by CPCSEA. The experienced and helpful technical staff of the Animal House assists the researchers in their animal experiments and is responsible for proper maintenance of this key facility of the centre.


All the major research laboratories, faculty rooms, administration library, animal house, seminar hall, lecture theatres, auditorium, guest house, etc. are connected by LAN and internet connections. This center provides a variety of services to the students in literature search, computation and graphics. Major software packages available: Windows, Nortan Antivirus, Sigma Plot 10.01 and Sigmastat 3.5, server OS 2004. Networking of entire DIPSAR campus including residential area of DIPSAR is in final stages. Up gradation to 10 Mbps leaseline and networking of entire DIPSAR campus is approved and has been executed now. Fifty more network nodes have been installed in the DIPSAR campus. Internet connectiviy was extended to the entire campus and band width was increased to 10 Mbps. Two Information technology centers provide 24x7 access to internet. The Institute has fiber optic network with switch backbone connecting auditorium, MAPIC centre, Seminar Hall to the main building. The network nodes has been increased, covering all research laboratories by expanding the network through structured cabling in all the floors/ research labs of the Institution building. Troubleshooting support is also being provided in resolving network and hardware related problems, along with software support for beginners. The DIPSAR website (www.dipsar.in) is useful for getting admission related information, admission procedure, prospectus, etc and also particularly for downloading forms, guidelines during admissions and for downloading tender documents, etc.