Fee Details

The fee for various programmes is payable in two instalments every year. The fee payable at the time of admission as per the fee structure given in prospectus, the approximate annual fee for the Degree and Diploma programmes is as under:

DEGREE (B-Pharma) FEES (Rs) DEGREE (M._Pharma) FEES (Rs) D. Pharma FEES (Rs)
First year 16,500 First year 15,000 First year 10,000
Second year 12,000 Second year 10,000 Second year 8,000
Third year 15,000        
Fourth year 14,000        

Refund of Fees

The fees paid at the time of admission or during the course are not refundable.No request for refund of fees will be entertained (Tuition fees, shall be refunded subsequently in respect of Scholarship holder/freeship holder etc.)

Payment of Dues

All dues should be cleared by the due dates mentioned in the prospectus or as notified by the Director, from time to time.

Late Fee Fine

If the dues (other than those payable at the time of admission) are not paid by the due date, a late fee of Rupees five per day after the due date (including holidays) shall be realised, subject to a maximum of Rs. 200/- only.If the fee is not paid within thirty days after the due date (including holidays) for any reason whatsoever, the name of the defaulting student shall be struck-off from the rolls of the Institute without any notice.

Payment of Fines and Dues

Students shall pay any fines imposed on them or the cost of any damage to or loss of libray books, equipmenst or other property of the Institute. On failure to do so, the same will be recovered from their caution money which shall be reimbursed by the Student within the time specified by the Director. If the cost of damage exceeds the amount of caution money the balance shall be deposited by the student on demand by the Director. Failure to do so, may result in the removal of the name from the institute's rolls.

All dues to the Institutes shall be cleared by the students before they are permitted to appear in the promotional/final examination. If the dues are not cleared, their admit cards/provisoinal certificates/Diplomas will be withheld.

Sriking off Rolls

The name of the student may be struck off the rolls on account of :

(i) His/Her own written request, endorsed by his/her parent/guardian;
(ii) Continued absence without obtaining leave for five consecutive working days;
(iii) Irregular attendance and poor progress in studies;
(iv) If ordered to be expelled or rusticated from the Institute.
(v) Non-payment of tuition fee and other dues for 20 days after the last date for payment. The Director, however, may grant not more than 10 days of grace period in deserving cases on application by the parent/guardian.

Not withstanding anything contained in above rule ii, iii and iv no student's name shall be struck off the rolls except after giving the parent or guardian of such student a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the proposed action.