From the Directors

It is a pleasant assignment/consignment for me to forward the annual report of 2012-2013 of Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. The institute has achieved an impressive growth in the last 49 years and is heading towards its golden jubilee in 2014. The current pharma scenario has seen a decline in the blockbuster. However, our continuous efforts to develop new technologies to augment usage of old drugs for new indications, emerging use of biomarkers as indicators for various diseased states and a proper coordination between the academic and industrial fronts stimulates us to work more efficiently utilizing our best sources and brains/intellects and to elevate DIPSAR as a brand among pharmaceutical education and research.

Past Directors

This year there was a record number of Ph.D. thesis submissions (Fifteen). Also three students have been awarded the Ph.D. degree by University of Delhi. The institute is carrying out research in various thrust areas like diabetes and its complications and drugs used for its treatment. A number of articles in this area have been published in many reputed journals. Other thrust areas include bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble and poorly permeable drugs using various pharmaceutical technologies and novel drug delivery systems, synthesis of heterocyclic compounds for anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antibacterial activities. Emphasis is also given on the phytochemical characterization, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer, etc. activities of various herbs.

The progress made by institute is the collective concerted efforts made by students, faculty and other stake holders.

We hope that we shall continue receiving co-operation from all concerned in coming years to achieve our predetermined goals.

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